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Starting community college with the intent to transfer to your dream college can be stressful. Before I started working with Howard, I did not have any guidance on which classes to enroll in, what I would do if I struggled in a class, how or when I would begin my college application process to four year universities, or even what I could be interested in as my major. A friend referred me to Howard to answer all of my questions and help me enroll in the classes that would both fulfill my requirements and help me find exactly which major I was interested in. After working with Howard for several months, I decided to apply to USC to hopefully fulfill my dream of becoming a Trojan. Howard helped me write my college essays as we brainstormed how we can bring my interests to life and researched USC specific programs we can relate my interests to. Overall, Howard’s guidance was crucial for my USC application as he knew exactly what the admissions counselors were looking for and the guidance on how to construct a story based on my experiences was invaluable. Howard’s guidance not only got me into my dream school, but truly pushed me to grow as a student and prepared me to be successful when I begin at USC this coming fall. Thank you so much for all of your help, Howard!


Arielle Moalem

Student, Santa Monica College
USC Class of 2023