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Anything you want! But preferably the topic should related to your plans to transfer to a 4 year university and how TransferCamp can help you achieve your goals. Common topics explored in the past include:

    • I’m interested in XYZ. What major should I explore that aligns with my interests?
    • What classes do I need to transfer to USC and UCLA?
    • I don’t have any extracurriculars to support my application. How would you recommend to build these experiences?
    • Can you help with my common application essay?
    • What school is best for my major?

Yes, the session 100% free. Subsequent session are free as well for those who need additional support! However, ongoing support for course tutoring and application essays are charged at $40/hr. 

Yes, TransferCamp offers regular tutoring in English composition/literature, Economics, Accounting, Biology, Math (Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1), and any discussion based humanities courses.

Yes, students who are looking to pursue similar schools and majors are welcome to attend transfer planning sessions in groups. Additionally, students in similar classes are encouraged to attend tutoring sessions in groups as well – though please try to limit your group to 4 people. 

90% of students who have consistently worked with TransferCamp have received admissions to their first and second choice schools including: USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, NYU, and Cornell.

Note – Students who have “consistently” worked with TransferCamp are defined as students who have worked with TransferCamp beginning their  first or second semester of community college. During this time, students work with TransferCamp to select classes, build extracurricular activities, and of course, construct their application.