TransferCamp’s Guided Project Program – Extracurricular Experiences for Community College Students

Every college counselor and undergraduate admission office in the world will emphasize the importance of having a “holistic” application by demonstrating meaningful extracurricular activities.

But as a student, what if I just got out of high school and don’t know what kind of extracurriculars I should get involved with? How can I find an activity that aligns with my major or passion?

The TransferCamp team understands that the informal requirement of building extracurricular experiences can be abstract and unclear. For many students, simply defining what to do with free time is challenging. Other students simply just need a nudge in the right direction with some structure and guidance to focus their curiosity and creative grit into a compelling experience outside the classroom.

That’s why we created our Guided Project Program.

TransferCamp’s offers a diverse collection of structured projects for student groups to explore. Spanning a diverse range of majors and special interests, our project programs enable students to work in teams to build new skills and strategize solutions to address real world issues.

Additionally, TransferCamp projects are designed to challenge students to work in team settings to assess issues, distribute work, and achieve project milestones to obtain real world work experience for their resumes.

We have created our Guided Project Program to provide students a sense of direction on project ideas that are relevant to their area of interest and encourage students to keep learning new skills outside the classroom to create something, explore their passions, and develop their curiosities.

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