Internship Projects

Work in teams. Build new skills. Stay engaged outside the classroom

Project teams are free for all students

Build meaningful skills and experiences based on your major

Develop talking points for your resume and college application

Commit to a long term project (3-4 months) to build real experience

Network with like minded students and learn from industry professionals

What are TransferCamp Internship Projects?

Due to the scarcity of quality internships offered at the community college level, Transfercamp offers a robust collection of internship projects to empower students with the opportunity to build comparable skills and experiences that are offered through traditional internship programs. Our projects are designed to challenge students to think critically, learn new skills, work in teams, and employ data driven solutions throughout their project experiences.

We understand that while many students have the motivation to explore new opportunities and create great things – it’s huge a challenge to identify what to focus on or how to get started. Our projects are designed to orient and support students who want to engage in a project that aligns with their personal and professional goals. Each project is designed to motivate students to explore a facet of their major, work in project teams, and commit to building something they can be proud of. Students are encouraged to leverage their skills – both existing and developing ones – to support the well being of the local communities, small business, and social welfare wherever opportunities can be identified

Explore And Select A Program

Select a project that relates to your area of interest or intended major

Get Place In A Project Team

Project teams are comprised of 3-4 students with similar academic and career aspirations

Meet Your Project Team Mentor

Team mentors are industry professionals who can help answer project questions and steward a project in the right direction

Kickoff Your Project With A Team

Work with your project team for 3-4 months to create a meaningful deliverable for the organization, community, or business your team will support

How It Works

Explore Project Opportunities Crafted By Industry Professionals

Choose a project that inspires and motivates you. What project do you think you can make an impact with?

TransferCamp has partnered with industry professionals across a variety of disciplines and industries to curate project experiences to simulate the challenges of a real world work environment and encourage students to creatively apply their majors outside of academic settings. 

Our projects were created in partnership with industry professionals from (but not limited to):

Join A Project Team And Meet Your Project Mentor

Enroll in a project with a team of like-minded students with similar academic and career aspirations. Over the course of several months, you will team-up, strategize, and execute on a project together. 

Your team will be assigned a project mentor who will help steward your project team in the right direction. Your mentor is not there to do the project for your team, but to help with the ideation and general approach for how a project can be executed. Project mentors are volunteers from academic and industry backgrounds who can help give their perspective on how teams can achieve project goals. 

Meet Some of our Mentors

Execute On Your Project

You have been provided a project, a team, and a mentor. Beyond this, your team will be provided a TransferCamp project guide which will outlines a general roadmap and weekly milestones for your project team to achieve.

However, this is your team’s project. While loose suggestions on how to execute the project will be provided, it will be through the collaboration of your team and project mentor that will deicide how project takes shape. 

We encourage all students to go beyond what we’ve suggested and to iterate on the projects we’ve proposed. We’re excited to see what students create each season and are certain the experiences and skills taken away from the project can help support a student’s resume, college application, and interviews in the future. 

Resources and Benefits for Project Participants

Project Mentors

Project teams will be assigned a project mentor, an industry professional who can provide steward a project, shine light on their career journey, and provide guidance on how to break into their industry


TransferCamp projects are a terrific opportunity for students to engage in extracurricular experiences related to their major, explore interests outside the classroom, and become a more well-rounded student

Project Guide

Project teams will be assigned a project guide which outlines the goal(s) of the project, supplementary resources relevant to the project’s success, and a schedule of weekly milestones team members are expected to meet to ensure the project’s timely completion

New Skills

Each project will demand team members to develop new technical and soft skills, step out of their comfort zone, and apply grit to their day to day activities

Resume Services

At the conclusion of each project, students will be offered a free resume workshop to create a resume or update their resume with new skills and experiences developed through their project work


TransferCamp projects are not a passive experience. Team members are required to remain proactive in their communication with each other, share contact information, and subscribe to several collaboration tools to help teams share files, track progress, and ensure milestone are met