Free College Counseling and Grade Distribution Dashboards

TransferCamp offers two resources to help students manage a rigorous, yet manageable curriculum to achieve their transfer goals.

Free College Counseling

You wouldn’t embark on a journey without a map, right? Along the same line of thought, you shouldn’t start your community college journey without a plan. In general, transferring out of community college will take 1-2 years for most students. However, to meet these transfer timelines it’s critical to define a major (the earlier the better), enroll in major pre-requisites, and maintain a full time equivalent course schedule with relevant classes. The TransferCamp team helps students identify and maintain these criteria.

We offer the same one on one college consulting guidance provided by boutique consulting firms for all students. As firm believers in providing equal opportunity and educational equity for all students, our team is eager to help all students – regardless of financial status – get started on the right foot with a good course plan and roadmap for their community college career.

    Grade Distribution Dashboards

    Good data means good decisions. This is why TransferCamp has worked with dozens of community college districts to produce grade distribution reporting to help students make better data driven decisions in their class selection process.

    TransferCamp houses a searchable grade distribution database which includes the course name, course ID, instructor/professor name, year, semester, and distribution of grades administered in each course section. Additionally, TransferCamp offers grade distribution dashboards to help students visualize the following:

    • Historical trends of when specific instructors/professors teach
    • Insights into average GPAs and pass rates for classes which satisfy IGETC requirements
    • Course comparison data and average class sizes

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