Application Essay Bootcamp – How Do I Write My College Application Essay?

It’s application season! As thousands of students start reviewing their college application supplements for the first time, many students ask the question “How do I tell a “compelling” story that colleges are looking for?”

TransferCamp is here to help.

We understand that application essays are not easy for three main reasons:

  1. Application essays should be written in a style that hasn’t been taught or reinforced in standard English literature classes.
  2. It’s difficult to communicate an inner voice or personal character that is unique to the student
  3. Many students don’t have a long collection of extracurricular experiences or external interests to reference in their essays. So what should students write about?

Our Application Essay Bootcamp is designed to help students structure their approach to University of California and Common App personal statements. At a high level, this is achieved through:

  1. Identifying the values that make a student unique
  2. Highlighting life experiences that demonstrate how a student exhibits these values
  3. Developing a “narrative” style of writing which helps students “show” who they are as a person

There is no one size fits all approach to application essays. However, TransferCamp’s essay strategies have been employed to consistently construct successful applications since 2015. We continue to structure our student’s essays with the strategies outlined in our Application Essay Bootcamp and recommend students leverage these strategies to build a framework for their application essays.

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