What is TransferCamp?

TransferCamp is a non-profit project with a goal to help all students transfer to their dream schools. As an educational initiative, it’s our mission to give every student the tools they need to craft a successful transfer application – this means strong academic performance, meaningful extracurricular experiences, and a compelling application essay.

Through our partnerships with educators, industry professionals, and mentors, TransferCamp operates four primary resources for students. 

    1. Free College Counseling and Grade Distribution Dashboards (read more here)
    2. Structured Internship and Guided Project Programs(read more here)
    3. Financial Aid Hub (read more here)
    4. Application Essay Bootcamp (read more here)
The TransferCamp project was started by Howard Kim following his departure from the world of boutique college admissions consulting. Since 2015, Howard has worked with students across the Los Angeles area to consistently craft successful applications to UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, and several prominent east coast colleges. 
As TransferCamp is developed on a part-time, unfunded basis by our team, we appreciate any support you can provide for the resources we are building. Please connect with outreach@transfercamp.com to discuss. 

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